Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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While Universities Refuse To Fire Antisemites, the Private Sector Holds Them Accountable

Since the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas, Campus Reform has reported on 18 professors who have showcased their antisemitism. However, not one of them has been fired. 

At the University of California, two professors, William I. Robinson and Annie McClanahan, signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ attack. 

In addition, conservative academic Chris Rufo recently exposed eight elite academics who signed a letter justifying the attack: Adhy Kim and RH Lossin of Harvard University, Eman Abdelhadi of the University of Chicago, Sophie Lewis of the University of Pennsylvania, Marty Cain of Cornell University, Addie Tsai of the College of William and Mary, Aaron Aceves from the University of Texas, and Joshua Nguyen of Tufts University.

Several academics went a step further, taking to both social media and the public to spread antisemitism and pro-Hamas rhetoric. 

Russell Rickford of Cornell University was recently exposed by Libs of TikTok for calling Hamas’ attacks “exhilarating.” 

Lisa Hajjar of the University of California at Santa Barbara posted an image of a bulldozer with a Palestinian flag plowing through a border fence. 

Ayesha Khan of Vanderbilt University took to Instagram to defend Hamas’ actions, stating that the terrorists “deserve to resist their oppressors by any means necessary.”

Jemma Decristo of the University of California at Davis threatened Jewish journalists, stating that “they have houses w addresses, kids in school” and that “they can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.”

Mika Tosca of the Art Institute of Chicago took to Instagram to call Jews “pigs” and “excrement.”

Joseph Massad of Columbia University called the attacks “awesome” and “stunning” in his publication, The Electronic Intifada

Laura Mullen of Wake Forest University took to X to celebrate the attacks by writing “So it’s kind of a Duh but if you turn me out of my house plow my olive groves under and confine what’s left of my family to the small impoverished state you run as an open air prison I could be tempted to shoot up your dance party yeah even knowing you will scorch the earth.”

Ameer Hasan Loggins of Stanford University allegedly rounded up Jewish students in his class and downplayed the Holocaust, stating that “Colonizers killed more than 6 million. Israel is a colonizer.”

Though Rickford has gone on leave voluntarily and Loggins has allegedly been suspended, none of these professors have been fired from the universities at which they teach. In contrast, the private sector has held those making antisemitic statements accountable. 

Laurel Squadron, a former babysitter with ArtistBabysitting, was reportedly fired after being caught on video tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children and yelling “you support genocide you a*****e!” upon realizing that she was being filmed.

Winston & Strawn LLP, a global law firm, rescinded their job offer to New York University law student Ryna Workman after she said that “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life” and that she “will not condemn Palestinian resistance.”

Mark Louvet, a former employee of VanEck, was reportedly placed on immediate leave after he was caught on video tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children. The company “[expects] to terminate” Louvet.

Zena Al-Adeeb, an endodontist formerly employed by Nevins Dental Center, was reportedly fired after removing posters of kidnapped Israeli children.

StyleSeat, a booking service used by stylists and makeup artists, reportedly suspended a makeup artist known as Rubina after she posted videos on her Instagram story of herself tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children and denying that 40 Israeli babies had been killed by Hamas.

Rajaa Chraibi, a former realtor with Keller Williams, was reportedly fired after stating that “HISTORY PROVES JEWS ARE NEVER WANTED ANYWHERE LOL. Because they are invaders and traitors” and “NO WONDER GERMANS KILLED AND KICKED THEM OUT TOO.”

Nozaima Husainova, a former employee of Citi, was reportedly fired after she posted on Instagram “No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of all of them,” referring to Jews.

Dr. Andrew Thierry, the former Chief Medical Officer of ExpertMRI, was reportedly fired after calling Jews “genicidal [sic], demonic, greedy, pedophilic retards” in an X post.

Dr. Ahmed ElKoussa, a former dentist at CG Smile, was reportedly fired after being caught on video removing posters of kidnapped Israeli children with another man, identified as Xave Ramoul.

Dr. Dana Diab, an emergency room physician at Lenox Hill, was reportedly fired after celebrating the deaths of Jews by the hands of Hamas.

Essra Karam, a former project manager at Convenience Group, was reportedly fired after stating on Canadian television that “Hamas is not a terrorist groups [sic]. It is a resistance.”

Mostafa Ezzo, a former pilot at Air Canada, was reportedly fired after writing “F**k you Israel” and “Burn in Hell” on his Instagram story, on which he also posted photographs of protest signs reading “Keep the world clean,” with a drawing of a stick figure throwing away an Israeli flag, and “ISRAEL HITLER IS PROUD OF YOU.” 

The Guardian recently announced that it would not be renewing the contract of former cartoonist Steve Bell after he took to X to complain about his employer’s refusal to publish an antisemitic cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu carving a square in the shape of Gaza out of his stomach.

Jackson Frank, a former sports writer for PhillyVoice, was fired after he replied to an anti-Hamas Philadelphia 76ers basketball team post by saying “This post sucks! Solidarity with Palestine always.” 

As Campus Reform reported on Oct. 18, the law firm Davis Polk has also rescinded offers of employment to Harvard University and Columbia University law students after finding that they publicly showcased their support of Hamas.