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New Yorkers Confront Man Taking Down Israel Hostage Signs: ‘MOTHERF**KER!!!’

Videos began surfacing online Friday of a group of New Yorkers confronting a man tearing down signs dedicated to the hostage victims taken by Hamas amid the ongoing war in the region.

Earlier this month, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel killing and torturing civilians as well as capturing over 200 hostages. Israel has responded by prepping for a ground invasion of Gaza and launching precision airstrikes against militant targets.

On Friday, online videos on social media showed a group of New Yorkers shouting down a man who was seen in videos tearing down signs dedicated to the kidnapping victims still being held hostage by Hamas. The New Yorkers can be heard cursing at the man and demanding he leave the area. StopAntisemitism shared the footage to Twitter.

“I’m a veteran. I’m telling you, I’m not Jewish. He’s not Jewish. I don’t know. Doesn’t fucking matter. This is fucking New York City. You don’t have a fucking right to touch that shit,” one individual can be heard yelling at a man who was ripping down the signs. “You can wave your Palestine flag and say death to the Jews and America or whatever you want. But we can put fucking signs!”

The situation because more heated when the man accused of tearing down the posters started defending himself, leading to the group of New Yorkers threatening to “litter the fucking floor” with him.

“In a minute I’m going the litter the fucking floor with you. So move the fuck on,” one of the New Yorkers screams, leading to the accused man responding “Don’t touch me!”

“I know that’s what you want. I’m dying to put you in the fucking hospital,” the man shouts before the video clip ends.