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Pro-Palestinian Messages Seen Projected on Library at George Washington University

Pro-Palestinian messages in support of Hamas terrorists were observed being projected onto a building at George Washington University, in Washington, D.C.

Several messages such as, “Glory To Our Martyrs,” “Divestment From Zionist Genocide Now” and “Free Palestine From The River To The Sea” were seen on the Gelman Library building as a group of students gathered in support of Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel which left hundreds of civilians dead, according to Fox News.

The messages seen on the university’s library come after Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7. Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets into southern Israel, and killed more than 250 people who had been attending a music festival near the Gaza border. More than 1,400 people–including 32 Americans–were killed that day, including women, children, and babies.

In a post on X, one student from GWU wrote that the messages were “disgusting” and she was called a “dirty, disgusting, uneducated j*w.”

“A police officer got it on body cam and then refused to talk,” the student wrote. “I feel unsafe.”

StopAntisemitism, a non-partisan organization fighting against antisemitism, called for George Washington University President Ellen Granberg to “immediately expel” the students involved.

Days after Hamas’ attack on Israel, George Washington Students for Justice in Palestine issued a statement saying that it “maintains unwavering support” for Hamas and that it stood “in full support of the liberation” of its homeland and the people living in it.

Granberg condemned the “acts of terrorism” by Hamas in a statement issued on Oct. 11.

“The extent of this brutal violence and the staggering loss of innocent lives has continued to come to light, and I am horrified and grief-stricken,” Granberg wrote. “In no uncertain terms, I condemn these acts of terrorism.”

IJR reached out to George Washington University for a statement but did not receive a response by the time of publication.