Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Knife-Wielding Teens Spew Antisemitic Threats at Children in Brooklyn

A group of children and their mothers playing in a Crown Heights park were threatened with a knife and murderous rhetoric Monday evening.

The incident took place at Sterling Place park, a park north of Eastern Parkway, when a group of approximately ten teenagers from a nearby housing project began hanging out nearby. Without provocation, the group began shouting antisemitic and threatening rhetoric at the children on the playground.

Seeing this, one of the mothers called Crown Heights Shomrim to report the incident, noting to the Shomrim dispatcher that one of the group was brandishing a knife, swiping and stabbing threateningly as he continued to curse and threaten to kill Jews.

Within moments multiple Crown Heights Shomrim volunteers arrived at the park, documenting the threatening teens and following them as they headed back towards the housing projects.

Police officers from the 77th Precinct also arrived within moments, and recognizing the severity of the situation, notified the highest level of authority in the precinct.

Unfortunately, as the teens had not been close enough to clearly identify, the officers were unable to make an arrest at the time, instead identifying into which building the teens had gone and sending the incident to Hate Crimes Detectives to investigate.

Source: https://crownheights.info/crime/839362/jewish-children-threatened-with-knife-and-threats-of-murder-in-crown-heights-park/