Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Teen Arrested for Threatening Jewish Man with Gun While Hurling Antisemitic Slurs

A man has been arrested and charged with hate crimes for allegedly pointing a gun at a Jew in Staten Island and threatening him, the NYPD and Shomrim tell Hamodia.

The incident occurred on October 3, Chol Hamoed Sukkos. The 19-year-old, visibly Jewish man was riding a scooter when a car pulled up near him. The driver yelled at him, asking when the “Jewish curfew” starts, a possible reference to restrictions placed on Jews by the Nazis. The Jew replied that he was unaware of a curfew, and the driver said, “We’re coming for you.” He then made a U-turn toward the Jew, and pointed a gun at him, before driving away.

On Tuesday, police arrested the suspect, Thomas Agoglia, 18, of Staten Island. He was charged with felony menacing as a hate crime, misdemeanor aggravated harassment based on race/religion, and misdemeanor menacing as a hate crime.

Source: https://hamodia.com/2023/10/24/staten-island-man-arrested-for-menacing-after-pointing-gun-at-jew/