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Michigan State University Sukkah Destroyed by Two Antisemitic Vandals

Despite the office being closed for the holiday, Michigan State University Hillel’s Executive Director Cindy Hughey decided to drop by the Hillel building Monday morning. She instantly noticed the Sukkah appeared to be falling down, so she stepped outside to take a closer look.

“I noticed that it was more than just falling down — it looked like it had been totally decimated,” Hughey said. “We began to look at the security footage and saw two males enter the patio area and proceed to destroy the Sukkah.”

Hughey then contacted the East Lansing Police Department and filed a complaint. The police asked them to share the information and photos on the MSU Hillel Facebook page so that students could help identify the vandals.

Through Facebook, Hughey received three different names which she forwarded to police. Hughey is currently waiting on confirmation from police to see if they have the vandals in custody.

Although it is unclear whether this act was pre-meditated or not, both men appeared to be inebriated during the incident.

“It was just extremely disappointing to see it being destroyed — and for what purpose?” Hughey said. “However, the MSU community and administration has been very supportive. We’ve had people send their positive and kind words to us and even offer to come help us build a new Sukkah.”

Wendy Starr, President of the Jewish Student Union at MSU, hopes this incident will educate other students on campus about Jewish holidays and culture.

“In addition to Jewish culture, we hope to foster understanding for all student populations,” Starr said.  “We hope students will take this opportunity to work together and unite to combat vandalism on this campus.”

Source: https://thejewishnews.com/2019/10/22/michigan-state-hillels-sukkah-destroyed/?fbclid=IwAR10AO1KwTDTJxMfHumQ-Mg8zX_T05r_s1rXO5xdwzM83X7in5WgxOvcGGM