Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Resolution Passes with a Massive Majority at Illinois University

It was standing-room-only at a student government meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the University of Illinois. 

Members of the student activist group Student’s for Justice in Palestine and their supporters were there chanting and holding signs in support of passing a resolution.

There were also more than 400 Jewish students there as well, who were against the SJP’s message. SJP wants faculty to recognize the difference between anti-zionism and anti-Semitism.

This comes in response to Chancellor Robert Jones issuing a campus-wide apology through email to the school after he claimed a presentation given back in September had anti-semitic content.

Although, Jewish students said both anti-zionism and anti-Semitism discriminate against Jewish people. 

A speaker on behalf of the Jewish community, Lauren Nesher, said no one from SJP sought input from any Jewish organizations for defining what anti-Semitism is. 

“The resolution before you is absurd,” Nesher said. “Never again will anyone allow the Jews to feel unsafe on this campus, whether we be affected by swastika graffiti, neo-nazi vitriol on the quad, or university-sponsored presentations which uniquely seek to delegitimize the establishment of a Jewish state.

After Nesher spoke, all 400 Jewish students and supporters walked out of the student government meeting in protest. 

That’s when the rest of the audience began to chant “Free Palestine” in support of passing the resolution about the dangers of saying “anti-Semitism” and “anti-zionism” are the same thing.  The resolution was passed by the student senate with 29 in favor, 4 against, and 4 voting absent. 

Source: https://foxillinois.com/news/local/u-of-i-student-government-passes-resolution-despite-jewish-students-protest