Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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TikTok Updates Hate Policy Regarding Antisemitism and other Hateful Content


Social media platform TikTok has announced it will be revising its policy in regards to hateful content, including holocaust denial and antisemitism.

The app’s developers have announced that while content which promotes hate has always been off-limits, there were never clear guidelines put in place, short of well-known ideologies such as neo-Nazis, Holocaust denial and white supremacy.

Consulting experts and academics, the company has decided that they will not allow the posting of content which promotes holocaust denial and other violent tragedies as well as adopting the European code of dealing with hateful content on the internet.

This will also include hateful content targeting communities such as the LBGT community, such as promoting conversation therapy or the idea that people are not born LBGT. TikTok will also try and help support a positive body image across the platform.

TikTok has also promised they will continue to train teams to enforce these new rules, and who will be aware of the evolving nature of hateful speech to be able to properly identify context, which if found to be hateful, will be dealt with.

The company has said that they will practice transparency when removing content, as to allow users to be able to appeal the decision and have it be examined again.