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Michigan State Suspends Employee After Hitler is Projected on Jumbotron

Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller said he has suspended an employee involved in allowing Adolf Hitler’s image to be shown on videoboards before playing No. 2 Michigan.

The employee, who was not named, will be paid pending an investigation that will help to determine potential action in the future. Haller said no one in the department viewed the entire video, exposing a failure in its process.

“Antisemitism must be denounced,” Haller said in a statement Sunday Night. “The image displayed prior to Saturday night’s game is not representative of who we are and the culture we embody. Nevertheless, we must own our failures and accept responsibility.

The creator and producer of The Quiz Channel on YouTube, which includes Hitler’s image as part of a quiz, said the school didn’t ask for permission to use his content or pay him for it and defended his decision to include the question on his platform.

Source: https://apnews.com/article/michigan-state-hitler-23b8e62c44cf42c3caad30c908692632