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San Francisco City Supervisors Receive Antisemitic Threats

Five Jewish members who were elected to serve on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors said they received anti-Semitic mail last month.

Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Dean Preston, Myrna Melgar, Hillary Ronen, and Rafael Mandelman all received postcards in the mail with vulgar language after a contentious September 27 meeting at the San Francisco Town Hall, the San Francisco Standard reported.

During the meeting’s public forum component, multiple attendees began shouting anti-Semitic and racial slurs at the board members. The disruption prompted Peskin, the board president, to introduce a change to board rules that currently allow the public to participate in and chime into meetings remotely. He’d like to introduce legislation that would eliminate the option to comment remotely except for people who require accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act.  

“This will be done,” Peskin said, per the Standard. “Ain’t going to happen in these chambers in the city. It is over.”

The postcards to the five supervisors included a URL that led to a website with anti-Semitic comments and assertions that Jewish people control the media and the “COVID agenda,” the Standard reported.

The front of the postcard reportedly read, “Why are Jews allowed to suck baby penis,” and featured images of a Jewish circumcision ceremony.

Each of the five supervisors received the postcard in their personal mail at home.

“That was the most antisemitic, sickening thing I’ve ever received in my life,” said Ronen, whose young daughter was the one who picked up the postcard from the mail before he did. “This is what we’re subjected to.”

The supervisors said they were creeped out that the postcards were sent to their home addresses.

“There’s weird stuff that comes across email all the time,” Mandelman said. “It’s a little weird to have them knowing addresses.”

It’s unclear who mailed the postcards, but the Standard reported that they are linked to flyers that appear to be affiliated with Goyim Defense League.

Source: https://themessenger.com/news/multiple-san-francisco-city-supervisors-receive-anti-semitic-postcards-in-mail