Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Beverly Hills Doc FIRED Over Unhinged Posts Calling ‘Zionists’ ‘Genocidal, Demonic, Greedy, Pedophilic R****ds’

A growing list of professionals axed for expressing antisemitism added a Beverly Hills doctor who was venting about “angry little Zionist war pigs…”

As more than 1,400 people were slaughtered in Israel by Hamas terrorists, cheerleaders from all walks of life took to social media to express their favor with the brutal attacks. From academia to the real estate industry and even medical doctors, sworn to “do no harm,” all sorts appeared to jump on the jihadi bandwagon.

Beverly Hills, California radiologist Dr. Andrew Thierry was among them, and, over a week’s time, he went from railing about “Zionists” being “demonic” and “greedy” to deleting his account and getting kicked to the curb.

“Zionists are genicidal [sic], demonic, greedy, pedophilic retards. Change my mind,” he’d reportedly posted to X on Oct. 12 before following that on Oct. 17 with, “The angry little Zionist war pigs are big mad their lies and deceit aren’t working anymore. Their powers are waning and they are scared and lashing out.”

“The only thing Zionists are Superior at are lies, deceit and genocide,” the doctor reportedly added hours before issuing an apology on the social media platform highlighted by the non-partisan organization StopAntisemitism as “grotesque.”

“I love everyone which includes Jews and all God’s children. I am most critical of my own government and all of the wars the US is involved in. I apologize if I offended anyone. I only have love in my heart,” Thierry claimed, “which breaks any time innocent humans suffer.”

The statement was too little too late for the doctor as the same day he was separated from his role at ExpertMRI in Beverly Hills, the provider issued an official statement condemning his remarks and apologizing for anyone “hurt or affected” by them.

“ExpertMRI is aware of the disturbing, anti-Semitic comments posted by Dr. Andrew Thierry on his personal X/Twitter account. Effective immediately, Dr. Thierry is no longer Chief Medical Officer of ExpertMRI and will not be affiliated with the company in any capacity moving forward,” the statement assured.

“As stated previously, ExpertMRI emphatically condemns antisemitism as well as any other expression of hate, all of which are contrary to the company’s and its owners’ core values.” it continued. “We encourage all our staff to always show empathy and compassion in both their professional and personal lives. We sincerely apologize as a company to any individuals who were hurt or affected by Dr. Thierry’s posts and want to reinforce that such behavior is not tolerated at ExpertMRI in any way, shape, or form.”

His was far from the only termination over alleged antisemitism as Keller Williams was said to have let go a realtor in Los Angels for asserting, “NO WONDER GERMANS KILLED AND KICKED THEM OUT TOO” before labeling Jews as “invadors [sic] and traitors.”

Likewise, an attorney with the Illinois state’s comptroller’s office had been fired after she was accused of saying “vermin should have all been killed decades ago..All you zionists will pay.”

Their terminations came after it had already been reported that a Citibank employee’s pro-Holocaust remarks had landed her on the unemployment line, a New York doctor had been let go for celebrating the Oct. 7 attacks, and others were blacklisted for their blatant hatred.

Consistent with other expressions of free speech, while few challenged the right of individuals like those presented to vocalize their opinions, also recognized was the right of their employers not to have to associate with them going forward.

Along with reactions on X to Thierry’s termination, others took to his WebMD profile to drag down his rating with comments like, “Horrible doctor and man. Should be in jail and not a doctor,” and “He is an antisemitic pile of human excrement.”