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Sacramento Area Syngogue Vandalized with Adolf Hitler Flyers

Pictures of Adolf Hitler were posted on a Carmichael synagogue on Wednesday October 20th, officials with Peace to Israel said. The flyers, with the text “Hitler was right,” were posted all over the Menorah and fencing surrounding the area. Text on the top of each flyer read “Aryan Nations.”

The Rabbi of Peace to Israel (Shalom le Israel) provided pictures of the menorah with pictures of Hitler taped all over it; the synagogue is located at 6733 Fair Oaks Blvd.

This is the same neighborhood where bags of white rice with white supremacist leaflets inside were placed on peoples’ properties in early October. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office investigated this previous incident as a hate crime.

The sheriff’s office said it is also investigating the synagogue vandalism as a hate crime, and if it is connected with the leaflets in the bags of rice from earlier this month.

Rabbi Boris Tsiprush says this is not the first time his synagogue has been the victim of a crime. Over the past few years someone defaced a sign writing “death to Israel,” a trailer was lit on fire in the parking lot, and someone flooded the inside of the synagogue.

Seeing photos of Hitler placed on the synagogue was deeply personal. Rabbi Tsiprush told KCRA 3 he escaped antisemitism in Russia years ago and lost twelve relatives in the Holocaust. He never thought he would experience something like this in the United States.

He says he is not afraid of the people who did this, and he is encouraging the members of his synagogue to not be afraid. “God loves us and we love God,” he told KCRA 3. “We would like to have peace for everybody and with everybody.”

If you have any information about these antisemitic flyers or know who was involved, you are asked to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. No one is in custody.