Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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“Recognize Him?” The Twitter Page that Shames Israel Haters

Even before the war, Daniel Amram became synonymous with finding citizens who used physical or verbal violence and exposing them online. There are those who criticized it and claimed that it can ruin people’s lives, but now an X account, formerly of Twitter, called StopAntisemitism is using the same practice and exposing antisemites. Of course, those are difficult for us to visit and most Israelis will welcome the initiative.

During the war it seems that their job becomes more and more difficult, just like the public opinion on the networks, the people on the street also allow themselves to commit anti-Israel acts. For example, the page uploaded videos of Americans taking selfies in front of pictures of the abductees and waving a three-finger in their direction, in addition to another video showing a young man with orange hair ripping off the ads of the abductees. 

The page does investigative work similar to that of Daniel Amram and brings the details of those people. For example, 2 men from Miami who tore down signs with pictures of the kidnapped and were identified as dentists named Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul, shortly after the page reported that the clinic where ElKoussa works fired him.

Another example, and perhaps more familiar, is the two female students from NYU who tore signs of missing persons and abductees from the walls of the campus. The StopAntisemitism page discovered that it was Hafiza Khalique and Yazmeen Deyhimi, two students from the prestigious university. Dahimi was forced to shut down her Instagram and Twitter following the publication, but her LinkedIn still exists and shows that she interned at none other than the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). She later even issued an apology following the incident.

In addition, there are quite a number of sanitation workers including doctors, brothers and clinic workers who expressed anti-Semitic statements and the StopAntisemitism page published their names. A significant number of them were fired or suspended following the announcements.

The page not only reveals the names of those people, it also puts the links to their Instagram pages so that surfers can unite and report them. Although the page only has slightly more than 1,300 followers, its tweets reach the exposure of several million users across Twitter.

In addition to shaming individuals, StopAntisemitism also deals with the prestigious colleges in the USA that do not stop anti-Semitic bodies from holding rallies against Israel. The page calls on the presidents of Harvard University and Penn to resign in light of their inability to protect Israeli students and presents all donors who have decided to withdraw their donations.

Since Elon Musk entered the picture on Twitter, the social network has become completely hacked in terms of the content that appears on it. Anti-Semitic posts do not receive any attention. Most of the barracks, if not all of them, have been fired and there is no one to give an account of what is happening there. Despite the above page and pages dealing with Israeli advocacy, Twitter is still flooded with hatred for Israel.