Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Museum in Alaska Vandalized with Swastika Stickers

uke Edward Foster caught on surveillance outside of the Alaska Jewish Museum

Update December 16th, 2021: Anchorage Police have arrested Luke Edward Foster; more here.

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Twice this year, the curator of the Alaska Jewish Museum (AJM) has arrived at work to find swastika stickers on the doors or the museum. Following the second attack, Museums Alaska worked with museums across the state to show the AJM that they are not alone.

Museums, historical societies, cultural centers, and related organizations across the state have signed a statement of solidarity. We will not ignore this spiteful act and we will work together to educate Alaskans about the diverse communities that have shaped Alaska.

Museums Alaska also asks that attention be brought to the poster the Alaska Jewish Museum released to aid in the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of the attack. The Alaska Jewish Museum and StandWithUs Northwest have partnered to offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the vandalism investigation. Those with information should call 3-1-1.

“There are over 100 museums in the state of Alaska founded and managed by people who have a passion for sharing the history and many different cultures of Alaska with residents and visitors,” states Museums Alaska Director Dixie Clough. “Alaskan museums are appalled by the attacks, and they are eager to show support for the Alaska Jewish Museum and the Alaska Jewish Campus as they seek to address these crimes and ensure the safety of their facilities and community.”

During a state-wide Zoom call to discuss the attacks, the museum community shared words of support for Leslie Fried, the Alaska Jewish Museum’s curator, and pledged to support the Alaska Jewish Museum with the attached statement of solidarity.

“There has been an increase in antisemitic behavior in Anchorage over the past few months, and we saw a role for museums as community educators to stand up against these hateful acts,” says Clough. “We want to ensure that the museum attacker is brought to justice, and that the Alaska Jewish community knows that they are not alone. They have support across the state.”