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Instagram Model Spreads Antisemitism to her 2.5 Million Followers on Social Media

Instagram “model” and fashion designer Carmen Ortega Baljian spread an antisemitic conspiracy theory on her Instagram page of 2.5 million followers last week.

“They own banks, they own the media, and in our politics heavy. Who’s awake yet?” she wrote.

She also shared a tweet by Candace Owens to her Instagram story, writing: “Who runs the banks? How many more times will I be right about these people?”

Owens, who recently defended rapper Ye for his “death con 3 to Jewish people” tweet, tweeted that the rapper was kicked out of the JP Morgan Chase bank.

Ortega also recently wrote on another Instagram story post: “Have short version of the Talmud just in case anyone has any more doubts. It’s time to wake up baby. What’s happening to Kanye is a direct example of everything. So when I’m always preaching stop voting pro-Israel.

“You are supporting the very people or the people’s people that think it’s okay to do what they are doing to him. Our government is infiltrated with the same type of evil. Be intelligent.

“The truth is antisemitic. Let that sink in,” she wrote.

Non-profit organization Stop Antisemitism said that “this is just a small example of disputing your antisemitic conspiracy theories of Jewish power and control. 

“Your rhetoric is putting the lives of Jews in jeopardy and with a verified following of 2.5 million, you need to do better, esp. as a marginalized woman yourself.”

In a tweet sharing Ortega’s post, the organization wrote: This online hatred often inspires others to commit murder as we have seen from Tree of Life, Poway, & Parkland.”