Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Citigroup Fires Employee Who Posted Antisemitic Comment On Social Media

Citigroup fired an employee who made an antisemitic comment on social media.

The comment, apparently posted on the employee’s Instagram personal account, was flagged to the bank by the StopAntisemitism organization Wednesday.

Early Thursday morning, Citi said it was investigating the issue and the decision to fire the employee was posted on X early in the afternoon in New York.

“We terminated the employment of the person who posted the revolting antisemitic comment on social media. We condemn antisemitism and all hate speech and do not tolerate it in our bank,” Citi said.

StopAntisemitism was created in 2018 “in response to increasing antisemitic violence and sentiment across the United States,” the organization says on its website. It has more than 124,000 followers on Twitter.

“StopAntisemitism commends Citi for saying No to antisemitism,” the organization’s Executive Director Liora Rez said in an email in response to IBT’s request for comment. “This is why accountability is so important; only by imposing real consequences on bigots can society make clear that antisemitism is unacceptable.”