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Citibank Fires Banker for ‘Revolting’ Pro-Holocaust Remarks about Israel

Citibank has given one of its bankers the boot after she praised Hitler and defended the Holocaust in a vicious antisemitic post following the Hamas terror attacks against Israel.

Her “revolting” commentary on Instagram was a bridge too far for the banking giant.

“No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of all of them,” former Citibank staffer Nozima Husainova wrote, adding a smiley-face emoji to the hateful post.

Husainova, 25, has since deleted the post and her social media accounts including her Instagram page where she had over 4,500 followers. However, the Internet is forever and a screenshot of the vile sentiment was posted to X on Wednesday by the nonprofit watchdog StopAntisemitism.

The banker’s post was in response to another concerning the bombing of a Gaza hospital that Palestinians, Hamas, their supporters, leftists, and the media originally blamed on Israel. US and Israeli intel sources now believe it was a misfired rocket that was launched by Islamic Jihad.

Citibank confirmed to the New York Post that it had terminated Husainova over the remark which was first reported by the Daily Mail.

“We terminated the employment of the person who made the revolting antisemitic comment on social media. We condemn antisemitism and all hate speech and do not tolerate it in our bank,” a Citibank spokesperson told the New York Post.

The young banker posted on her now-deleted LinkedIn page that she was a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College. She has a degree in finance which snagged her a job as a personal banker at Citibank. She was with the bank for two years before being fired.

Husainova’s termination follows a number of businesses declaring that they would not hire Harvard students who signed a letter blaming Israel for the horrific terrorist attacks committed by Hamas.