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Students Expelled from School Over Neo Nazi Facebook Groups

A number of students have been expelled from St. George’s private school in Vancouver over alleged racist behaviour, sources close to the school tell Global News.

According to the sources, who have asked for their identities to be concealed in order to speak freely, the students were involved in a neo-Nazi Facebook group.

It’s not yet known how many students are involved or what the specific actions that got them expelled are.

In a statement, St. George’s School said that “a number” of students were involved in “deeply offensive behaviour online and in the school” that contravened its Student Code of Conduct and Core Values.

“We immediately launched an investigation which included contacting our VPD school liaison officer. Our liaison officer has confirmed that this was not a criminal matter,” reads the statement.

“We have found no safety risk to the school community. As a result of our investigation, a number of boys have been suspended and several have been expelled.”

St. George’s says it can not provide any other information due to “confidentiality obligations.”

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/6048099/st-georges-school-students-expelled/