Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika Grafitti Discovered on a Scottsdale, Arizona Sidewalk

Inside a Scottsdale neighborhood some racist graffiti was catching people’s attention – a swastika on the sidewalk. It was right next to a bench in the middle of the McCormick Ranch greenbelt.

Russell Berry, who takes daily, early-morning walks there, discovered the anti-Semitic symbol on Sunday.

“You would think in this particular neighborhood you wouldn’t see that kind of stuff but every neighborhood has its lowlife,” he said.

He reported it to Scottsdale police the next day, and even to city councilmember Virginia Korte’s office. Police say an officer actually saw the graffiti on his own while out on another call. Berry says it’s clear the mark took some work.

“Somebody had to actually make a stencil to use to paint the thing on the sidewalk,” he said. “Somebody had to put some effort into it. It wasn’t like somebody just walked up there with a spray can.”

The City’s Graffiti Abatement Team, which falls under code enforcement, painted over the image after this story aired. 

“I would think it would be offensive to anybody,” Berry said.

Neither police nor Berry reported any other instances of the Nazi symbol in the area. Arizona’s Family didn’t see any others at the greenbelt, either.

Scottsdale Police said the swastika vandalism could be considered a hate crime, but that’s something that wouldn’t be determined until a sentencing phase if someone were ever to be convicted of a crime.

In this case, officers would need more information to even go after a suspect; they’re not looking for anyone right now.

Source: https://www.azfamily.com/news/swastika-found-painted-on-sidewalk-in-scottsdale-greenbelt/article_a0ac7486-f090-11e9-9290-bf0b02a07beb.html