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Pro-Hamas NYC Student Charged for Harassing Jewish Individual

Adrian Mysliwiec is reportedly a pro-Hamas activist who now faces charges of petit larceny and harassment after he stole an Israeli flag from a Jewish student in New York City. 

The Algemeiner identified Mysliwiec, as well as the victim as a student at Hunter College, which is part of the public City University of New York system. 

”NYPD officers standing by immediately intervened and apprehended Mysliwiec,” the article states. 

Mysliwiec’s LinkedIn account identifies him as a teaching assistant also attending Hunter College. 

The X account StopAntiSemitism is also sharing Mysliwiec’s name and profession.

”Adrian Mysliwiec, a CUNY (Hunter College) student and what appears to be a TA, was arrested after a physical altercation with a Jewish student,” the post reads.