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Man Arrested After Antisemitic Comments Captured on Ring Doorbell in Bexley

Bexley police made an arrest on Monday after they said a man made antisemitic remarks and committed criminal trespass at two homes in the city on Sunday.

Officers said they followed leads in the case, identified the individual as Jacob Thomas Reidy and arrested him at his home on Monday. Police said he was taken to Franklin County Jail.

Police documents said Reidy’s vehicle was identified during Sunday’s incidents.

The arrest comes after video from a Ring doorbell was widely circulated on social media.

Per police records, “A male, white with a beard and plaid/flannel shirt left in a silver or dark gray two-door sedan … came to the door and made antisemitic comments to the resident, appears to have been triggered by the Israeli flag in front.”

Another police document from a dispatcher said, “The man who knocked on his door didn’t make any direct threats but he wanted the police to be aware of the incident.”