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Local Illinois Town Trustee Spews Dangerous Antisemitic Tropes

Calls for the resignation of DuPage Township board member Reem Townsend have intensified after her controversial remarks regarding the recent terror attacks on Israel.

”Israel is a terrorist country. Any act against them is an act of liberation and self-defense,” Townsend, a Palestinian Muslim, said in one infamous Facebook post.  

A DuPage Township meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at which time community members are expected to discuss Townsend’s conduct.

The meeting will be held at the Levy center located at 251 Canterbury Lane in Bolingbrook.

Townsend has made some notable rants regarding the conflict on Facebook, all putting the blame on Israel and its citizens.

“Israel is currently and historically governed by folks who are far right, with an agenda of Jewish supremacy and Zionist strategy (maximum land with minimum Palestinians),” Townsend said on Facebook.

“The US and international community fails to hold Israel responsible so they get away with murder and destruction day after day, year after year.”

“Since Monday, Israel has been attacking Palestinians in Jenin, destroying homes, murdering innocent civilians, even refugee camps.”

“Israel is not who you think they are. Israel is run by murdering racists, whose citizens are encouraged to attack Palestinians. And when you argue, “it’s just the government,” it’s not. These leaders are elected by their citizens, and these citizens elect these hateful leaders on purpose (70% of its voting population votes).”

Townsend, is a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Similarly, BLM chapters across the country have made statements in support of Hamas.

BLM Chicago notably posted a graphic of a hangliding militant, a nod to how many of the terrorists entered Israeli territory with the caption, “I stand with Palestine.”

According to the New York Post, BLM Chicago later partially walked back the controversial post celebrating Hamas’ actions in Israel, acknowledging that the deleted graphic wasn’t something they were proud of.

This came as BLM Global Network Foundation distanced itself from the Chicago chapter and BLM Grassroots, which faced criticism for posts related to the Hamas attack and was accused of glorifying the terrorists.

Townsend has been a trustee since 2021. She works as executive assistant to the CEO of Vytalize Health.

She is a Board Member for the Will County Progressives and DuPage Township Youth Committee.

Townsend is also a member of The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, NAACP, DuPage Township Democratic Organization (DTDO), Illinois Democratic Women of Will County (IDWOW), Will County Exchange Club, and ACLU.

She and her husband Dr. Eric Townsend, a local dentist, have two children together and Eric Townsend has a child from a previous relationship.

Source: https://willcountygazette.com/stories/650350572-townsend-israel-is-a-terrorist-country-any-act-against-them-is-an-act-of-liberation-and-self-defense