Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Fraternity in Georgia Vandalized by Antisemitic Graffiti

A Jewish fraternity house on Georgia Tech’s campus was vandalized on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Fraternity members woke up to the words “Free Palestine” written in shaving cream directly below an Israeli banner at the Alpha Epsilon Pi house on Techwood Drive. An investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

“The safety and security of our campus community is of utmost importance. Georgia Tech Police are investigating an overnight incident of vandalism. Someone used shaving cream to write a pro-Palestinian message on the wall of a Jewish fraternity,” said a Georgia Tech spokesperson. 

Tension in the Atlanta Jewish community has been elevated since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out in Israel on Oct. 7.

Georgia Tech Provost and Executive Vice President of Student Affairs Steve McLaughlin said the university has a policy against making statements as an institution.

“Georgia Tech has not made public statements about Roe v. Wade, the Israel-Hamas war, or Affirmative Action … But these are major, life altering things that affect so many of our own students and people,” McLaughlin wrote. “A lot of these things have a direct impact on my own life. Many in our community seek a response, or a position, or just comfort from their leaders like me) at universities. It’s inevitable that no matter what I do or don’t do, say or don’t say — there are people I will offended or hurt. What do I really think about these issues? What if I say things that are in conflict with what is best for the university? What if my position on things as a global leader tips the scales in the wrong direction?”

The Zeta chapter of AEPi was formed on Nov. 24, 1920. During World War II, many AEPi members went to fight in the war, and the chapter lost fraternity status because it did not have enough members. Zeta chapter was reinstated in 1946. 

According to the AEPi website, fraternity members serve on the boards of pro-Israel groups all over the world. “With rising antisemitism on college campuses, each AEPi chapter is a safe haven, not only for members of our fraternity but for all Jewish students. Our Brothers are on the front line of pro-Israel advocacy and education. Their hard work to promote the Jewish people and fight for a Jewish state has not gone unnoticed,” the AEPi website states.