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Michigan Teen Arrested After Threatening Jews Online, Posing with Guns

A 14-year-old from Oakland County was arrested after threatening Jewish people online, according to police.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said the teen posted pictures on social media of three handguns and claimed he would kill Jewish people at the Legacy Center (Urban Air) at 925 N. Lapeer Road in Oxford Township. The deputies were alerted to the threat after 7 p.m. on Oct. 12 by the FBI.

Deputies went to the Legacy Center at 7:20 p.m. and did not find anything unusual. More investigating led them to a home in Oxford. They arrived at the teen’s home after 8 p.m. and his parents gave them permission to question him.

Police said the teen admitted to posting pictures on social media, making threats and having access to firearms.

The watchdog organization StopAntisemitism tweeted about the arrest.

Police took three handguns that belonged to the father from the home. They also found multiple live rounds in the teen’s bedroom.

He was arrested and is being held without bond at the Oakland County Children’s Village. He will appear in court on Oct. 19.