Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Frightening Antisemitic Letter Threatens to Murder French Teacher

A French Jewish teacher was threatened with death in an antisemitic letter sent to the high school that employed him, according to an image of the letter published by the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF).

“The dirty Jew needs to stop being clever. We’re going to give a Samuel Patyto him and his father, the old Zionist rabbi. We don’t want Jews in high schools, stay in your synagogues. We’re going to take care of [the teacher] when we leave high school,” the letter reportedly received by Georges Brassens high school in the Paris suburb of √Čvry-Courcouronnes.

Samuel Paty was a French teacher decapitated by an Islamist terrorist in a Paris suburb in 2020. The Chechen-French teenager murdered Paty over his showing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a class on freedom of expression.

The terrorist was shot by police and killed during the attack. Almost a dozen were arrested and charged with conspiring to assist the killer. Those charged included students. The attacker had asked students to point out his target before he murdered him.

Yonathan Arfi, President of CRIF, responded to the letter’s demand to remove Jews from schools, by saying “what I don’t want in high schools is antisemitism, rejection of the Republic, hatred of teachers.”

Arfi noted that the letter came almost two years after the murder of Paty, and called to support teachers, “who are always targets.”