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Air Canada Pilot Grounded over Anti-Israel Social Media Posts

Air Canada grounded one of its pilots Monday for “unacceptable posts” about Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.  The airline says it took Mostafa Ezzo “out of service” after he posted pictures of himself wearing both his pilot’s uniform and Palestinian colors.

“We are aware of the unacceptable posts made by an Air Canada pilot. We are taking this matter very seriously, and he was taken out of service on Mon, Oct. 9. We firmly denounce violence in all forms,” Air Canada shared.

They later said “We can confirm the pilot in question no longer works for Air Canada, following the process initiated on Monday.”

The group StopAntisemitism.org shared Instagram screenshots of a man identified as Ezzo cheering on Hamas while suggesting Israel should “burn in hell.” Another picture attributed to Ezzo was of an Israeli flag being thrown into the trash above the comment, “Keep the world clean.”

It’s not clear whether Ezzo has been actually fired by Air Canada or whether he is just no longer working as a pilot. The airline told CTV news that Ezzo “was taken out of service,” which “means he has been removed from flying.”

Canada’s Air Line Pilots Association, whose membership includes Air Canada pilots, released a statement saying it is “incredibly saddened by the tragedies in the Middle East. We condemn all violence and hatred, and any promotion thereof.”

“It is our firm expectation that all of our members abide by this principle and our professional code of ethics.”