Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Middle School Students Create ‘Kill the Jews’ Social Media Group; Make Slurs About Middle School Classmate

MetroWest students created a “Kill the Jews” page though social media, recently.  Last night, a Christa McAuliffe Charter School student received a request to join the “Kill the Jews” page and reported it to her parents.

Her mother has since reported it to the school and to the police. A police officer was at the Framingham family’s house on October 13th.

“We are very upset by this and take this threat seriously,” said the mom. “I just want to educate children and adults on this hoping we can put an end to this type of behavior ASAP. This should be taken as a serious threat.”

Screenshots of the group chat show two boys (who use their first and last name) using swear words and derogatory words against Jewish individuals.

One boy types “(name) you’re a (K-word).” 

Another boy responds “release the gas.” 

The first boy then responds “F%&*ing k*#@ VSCO girl”

The schools issued the following comment- “This evening McAuliffe leaders became aware of anti-Semitic social media activity involving McAuliffe students. As soon as we found out, we reached out to Framingham Police, and have been told there’s an investigation underway. We will be in touch with the McCauliffe community as we learn more about this incident,” said Christa McAuliffe, Executive Director.

Source: https://framinghamsource.com/index.php/2019/10/13/updated-framingham-students-create-kill-the-jews-page-make-racial-slurs-about-middle-school-classmate/