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Michigan Synagogue Vandalized with Antisemitic Posters

The Rabbi of Temple Emanuel in Grand Rapids, MI got an unwelcome surprise as he pulled up to the Temple on Sunday morning before Hebrew school classes began.

Rabbi Michael Schadick found antisemitic posters sprayed with an adhesive stuck to the glass doors of the synagogue that face the parking lot. These doors are the ones all the students walk through to get to their Sunday school classes every week.

Edie Landman, the temple president, said this is the first time, to her knowledge, that she’s aware of any antisemitic crimes taking place at the temple.

There is never security at the synagogue except during High Holiday services and they don’t plan on adding more security now.

After Schadick saw the posters, he called the police and they are investigating the incident as a hate crime. The Grand Rapids Police said they are familiar with the posters and have seen them before but didn’t share where. The photos were found online but have since been taken down.

The police told the congregants to continue going about their daily lives and to not give in to hate.

The posters had the white supremacy logo in each corner. One had a photo of Adolf Hitler with the words, “Did you forget about me?” sprayed across it. While the other said, “A crusade against semite led subhumans.”

The temple said they plan to continue with their Sukkot celebrations as normal and did not cancel Sunday school activities.

“We believe this was a cowardly act done by antisemites who are afraid to show their faces,” said Landman. She added that she hopes to see the Grand Rapids community rally behind the temple and show those who committed the crime that their community is bigger than hate.

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