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Anti-Jewish ‘Goyim Defense League’ (GDL) Flyers Discovered in Ohio Neighborhoods

Residents of a Uniontown neighborhood in Stark County are feeling outraged, reporting that antisemitic fliers were distributed to their driveways. The Uniontown Police Department said they were handed out Saturday, which happens to be the same day that Hamas attacked Israel this past weekend.

The Jewish advocacy group StopAntisemitism has been tracking the activities of those responsible – the Goyim Defense League’ or ‘GDL’ for nearly five years and state they vilify Jews with their premeditated hate campaigns.

“I didn’t ask for this information to be thrown in my driveway,” one resident named Paul told 3News. “I want nothing to do with this.”

He was one of many on Waterfall Avenue in disbelief when they woke up on Sunday morning. His wife reported the fliers to authorities.

The fliers say, “This is a PSA about a Jewish mafia that has highjacked our country,” and “We will not be silent as they conduct genocide against us.”

The fliers also have pictures of many prominent Jewish figures with Stars of David on all their foreheads.

Uniontown Police told WKYC about 20 homes got the fliers, which were inside sandwich bags with corn kernels on the bottom, seemingly to weigh the bags down as they were flung onto each property.

Among other antisemitic tropes, the fliers claim Jews are overrepresented in the U.S. Federal Reserve, in powerful hedge funds, and in political gun control, with U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, billionaire investor George Soros, and former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan amongst the many Jews pictured as part of the “Jewish Mafia.”

“I was just totally shocked,” Paul said, disgusted as he showed us the bag with fliers inside. “I just couldn’t imagine that there was this much hate in our country, let alone in my own community. I just can’t believe the hate that still exists towards the Jewish people. I totally despise this and don’t agree with any of this.”

Stark County Rabbi David Komerofsky of Temple Israel Canton says antisemitism doesn’t surprise him anymore, but the timing of this is particularly hurtful.

“So, the timing does shed light on the fact that those who would seek to divide people and really sow the seeds of hatred will capitalize on any opportunity,” he expressed. “This weekend in particular, there is a sense of vulnerability amongst the Jewish community around the world, and this feeds that.”

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