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Albany Jewish Center Evacuated After Bomb Threat Email

An Albany Jewish community center was briefly shut down and evacuated Monday, following an emailed bomb threat later determined to unfounded.

Albany JCC CEO David Posner said Monday afternoon that the center had re-opened after police searched the building and found no evidence of a bomb threat.

Two US congressmen, Reps. Paul Tonko and Hakeem Jeffries, were forced to relocate a press conference set to take place at the center on Monday morning.

“I think it’s a sad day in this country when we see the level of hate and vitriol and racism that exists and we saw that today at the JCC.” Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said to reporters. “It was a threat that was unacceptable, I mean, from the standpoint of this community, of how diverse and open our community is, how richly we benefit from places like the JCC and the diversity that exists in our community.”

This particular JCC was the target of threats last year and in 2017. Neither threat led to an incident.