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Swastika Found at Columbia Univeristy Days After Antisemitic BDS Resolution Passes

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On October 6, a swastika was found on the campus of Columbia University following the passage of a Israel divestment resolution.

According to Columbia’s Office of University Life, the swastika was found on the steps of the Low Library, the university’s main library.

“The divisions that now roil our nation and the world have given rise to increasing acts of bias and hate in far too many communities,” the Office of University Life said in a statement. “Antisemitism does not have a place at Columbia, as our community strives every day to remain a welcoming and inclusive place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”

Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at Columbia University wrote in an October 8 Facebook post, “It is not a coincidence that this despicable act of antisemitism occurred only days after a BDS [Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions] referendum was passed by undergraduates at Columbia. When one kind of antisemitism is normalized, all others follow. Passing the referendum is a dangerous precedent and it is a shame that the Columbia community did not listen when Jewish and pro-Israel students warned time and again that passing it would cause a rise in antisemitism on campus.

“We hope, but based on the past doubtful, that the administration will track and punish the racist bigots responsible for the swastika.”

The referendum, which called on the university to “divest its stocks, funds and endowment from companies that profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s acts towards Palestinians” that “fall under the United Nations International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid,” passed after the student body voted on it from September 22-25. Sixty-one percent of student voters voted in favor of it.

Other pro-Israel Twitter accounts weighed in.

“Last week, @Columbia’s student body voted in favor of a BDS referendum,” Bryan Leib, chairman of Jewish millennial group HaShevet, tweeted. “This week, a swastika was found at Low Library. I remember last year when far left progressive students painted swastikas on the dorm room doors of Jewish students after a BDS vote. This is the new normal!”

The Columbia University Apartheid Divest, the group that sponsored the resolution, did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.