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Mohamed Hadid Compares Jews to Hitler in New Instagram Post

Mohamed Hadid, the Palestinian-Jordanian father of Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid, is no stranger when it comes to anti-Zionism on his social media account. In one of his latest Instagram posts shared Thursday with his audience of 1.3 million followers, he compares Zionist Jews to Hitler.

The post was a picture from his son Anwar’s recent interview with GQ Magazine paired with a long caption, the first sentence of which read: “A true Palestinian story and we have 10 million voices out there…show your blood.”

Writing about how proud he was of his son, Hadid abruptly changed direction, writing: “Hitler labeled the Jews as terrorists and the Germans believed and cowardly did the crime of the century.

“And the Zionists labeled the Palestinians terrorists in their own land. Fear no longer, the Zionists are the terrorist in our own land.”

He continues, “Show your Palestinian flag show your bloodline. Hide no longer come out if you want to be free…come out and say you are proud to be a Palestinian. They have done us enough harm.”

“Comparing Jews and the Jewish nation to Nazi Germany is deemed antisemitic by the IHRA working definition of antisemitism,” Liora Rez, executive director of StopAntisemitism told The Jerusalem Post. “Hadid’s ongoing rants demonstrate why it’s crucial for social media companies, publications, and corporations to adopt and enforce IHRA as inflammatory comments like his do nothing but endanger the lives of Jews around the world.”

Anwar Hadid’s recent interview with GQ, which was the subject of his father’s Instagram post, saw him speak primarily about his Palestinian heritage and connection with the land, as well as his debut album, “Bleach.”

One of the songs from the track was turned into a music video that they filmed in Nazareth and Jericho.

In another recent Instagram post, Hadid posted a picture of him in a black and white keffiyeh with red, green and black tassels on the end, symbolizing the Palestinian flag. He captioned it saying, “There are 10,000,000 Palestinian refugees around the world. We will bring them back home where they belong. I don’t recall any compensation for all the people who lost their homes furnishings handlooms gods clients and the beloved gardeners, none.

“Yet, the Jews got all their money twice from Germany and Poland and other why is this such double standards? How can they decide that that’s their home in Germany?”

“Not only they steal our homes, they demolish them with people in them most of the time and make sure they are humiliated and homeless,” he continued.

StopAntisemitism featured Hadid as their ‘Antisemite of the Week’ after he claimed Jews owned the media, mimicking white supremacist and neo-Nazi rhetoric of Jewish control and power.