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LAPD Searching for Man Who Yelled “I’m Going to Kill All of You” Synagogue

A man who disrupted services at multiple synagogues in the Los Angeles area in the past few weeks is now wanted by LAPD, non-partisan organization Stop Antisemitism tweeted on Friday.

The man burst into prayer services yelling “Jesus f***ing Christ” while he stood in the shape of a cross, the organization said. He also said that he was “going to kill all of you” when he was being escorted out, according to what congregants heard.

The man is described to be approximately 250 lbs, 6’ft tall and drives a Chevy Malibu that is light gray, the organization tweeted.

The recent incidences at Los Angeles synagogues come as the LA Jewish community is becoming more diverse and larger than ever, according to a report from this past summer.

One of the main findings was that the number of Jewish households in the city increased to 300,000.