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Nazi Symbol Uncovered at a Utah University on Yom Kippur

Weber State University officials are investigating an incident after finding a swastika carved into a table near the south entrance of the Shepherd Union Building.

Upon receiving the report on Monday night, students notified workers a short time before 10 p.m. at the Shepherd Union and the Student Access and Success leadership team.

According to a news release by WSU on Wednesday, the affected table was removed the following morning.

All other tables in the Shepherd Union were checked to make sure no further vandalism had occurred, officials said.

Finding this symbol on Yom Kippur, an important day for Jewish people, made it even more sensitive, as reported by the school.

“Weber State University condemns actions that perpetuate racism or make people feel unsafe, and the symbol scrawled on WSU property is not consistent with the values of the university, which strives to create an inclusive environment where all are welcome,” school officials said. “We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all of our campus locations.”

Weber State University police took over the investigation. They said they had filed a vandalism report, including reviewing any video surveillance footage from the area.

2News spoke to a Utah Rabbi who expressed deep concern after the symbol was discovered on Yom Kippur.

Rabbi Avremi Zippel, who serves the Utah Jewish community, expressed hope that the university would turn this disturbing incident into an opportunity for growth and education, emphasizing the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Jessica Oyler, the Vice President for Student Access and Success at Weber State University, co-signed the alert sent to staff and students regarding the swastika incident.

She emphasized that safety is a top priority for the university.

When asked about security cameras in the student union building, Oyler confirmed they have them but mentioned uncertainty regarding when the incident occurred. She assured that the campus police would investigate this aspect.

Oleskylee and other students at Weber State University have voiced their concerns, stating that this is not the first instance of racism on campus. Several years ago, the university confirmed it investigated a white supremacy message reported within the same building.

Oleskylee urged action, stating, “This is where we socialize, and we need to be able to say not here.” While commending the swift removal of the swastika, he called for the university to engage with affected students, especially those from minority backgrounds, and go beyond issuing statements.

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