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Vandals Deface English Pub with Antisemitic Slurs

A pub frequented by Arsenal fans near the Emirates football stadium has been daubed with the word “Yids” alongside a tag used by Tottenham Hotspur supporters.

The incident took place ahead of Sunday’s clash between the rival north London clubs, which was drawn 2-2.

Images of The Brewer apparently taken the night before the match showed the words “THFC” – shorthand for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – and “Yids” sprayed onto the front of the pub.

By Sunday morning, the graffiti had already been cleaned off according to fresh images posted online.

Dave Rich, Director of Policy at CST, wrote on Twitter /X: “Daubing ‘YIDS’ like this is antisemitic. It’s the same graffiti my grandparents had to put up with from Mosley’s fascists and the idea that Spurs fans are ‘reclaiming’ it is nonsense. It has to stop.”

Although “Yid Army” is a common chant among Tottenham supporters, including Jews, it has become more controversial over the years.

Last year the club surveyed its fans on the use of the phrase and found that Spurs supporters themselves – Jewish and non-Jewish alike – opposed its use.

Arsenal will hold an antisemitism workshop for all employees of the club on October 12. The sessions will be delivered with the help of the Jewish Gooners group, a new affiliate that was launched in April.

Barry Frankfurt, who is closely involved with Jewish Gooners, said: “Overnight the word ‘Yid’ has been daubed on pubs close to Arsenal in the lead up to this afternoon’s North London derby. The motivation is irrelevant.

“This is antisemitism and it must end. Yid is not an appropriate nickname and to see graffitied like this is shocking.”

Source: https://www.thejc.com/news/community/yids-sprayed-on-arsenal-fan-pub-near-emirates-stadium-before-north-london-derby-6iovZbVCOUjc9SZ8rJfImG