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Second Swastika Incident in Brooklyn in Two Days Under Investigation

Hardly a day has passed since a swastika that was discovered in a Boro Park apartment building shook up the neighborhood, and the hateful symbol has struck again.

A member of Williamsburg Hatzolah, whose car was at Dahill Rd and 44th St, discovered a swastika sprayed on his vehicle late Thursday afternoon.

Shomrim and the NYPD are on the scene, while the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force will once again conduct further investigation.

Yesterday’s incident was widely condemned, including by Mayor Bill de Blasio who shared BoroPark24.com’s report on Twitter and wrote: “NYPD Hate Crimes is investigating this disgusting act. I have a message for ANYONE who wants to spread hate in our city: New Yorkers won’t be intimidated.”

This second incident within the span of a day raises the stakes, and sources tell BoroPark24.com that authorities are taking the matter very seriously.

Source: https://boropark24.com/second-swastika-incident-in-boro-park-in-two-days-under-investigation/?fbclid=IwAR2SFAzQMKTCSp7lYSEYhj6tZxXwAmdpUexn5daBrATYDb22GsYRooxi40Y