Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Stickers Plague Kentucky Town

A Covington resident wants to put an end to the antisemitic and racist material she says has been popping up in her neighborhood periodically over the last few years.

Even though it’s a difficult issue to solve, it’s a fight she’s not going to give up.

Missy Spears has lived in Covington for 13 years. While the city is generally regarded as more welcoming and inclusive than most, Spears started noticing stickers being posted in the Mainstrasse neighborhood that would challenge that idea in 2019.

“After we started taking them down quickly, they stopped coming as often. Now it seems like it happens about every six months,” she said.

Most recently, Spears said more material started popping up in August and September featuring things like swastikas and the n-word. They weren’t just posted on public property, either, but in people’s yards.

Security cameras captured some of the people who appeared to post the stickers.

“There’s not much that the cops can do. It’s a first amendment right. Which is why we educate people on when they see them to take them down,” Spears said.

Covington Police say officers have been made aware, but there is limited legal action they can take.

Spears said she brought the issue to city hall years ago.

“Their response was to start a positive sticker campaign, but we need more than that,” she said. “We take great pride in this neighborhood and making sure folks feel welcome. I see it as, if they’re attacking us because of it, then we’re doing something right.”

Source: https://spectrumnews1.com/ky/louisville/news/2023/09/25/anti-semitic-material-in-covington