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Holocaust Denier Runs for School Board in Minnesota

Vaughn Klingenberg, a candidate for a school board election in Roseville, Minnesota made an appearance on a VT Radio podcast in July to candidly discuss his extensive antisemitic beliefs and Holocaust denial, a recording shows.

During his interview on the VT Radio’s “Uncensored Alternative Foreign Policy Talk” podcast, Klingenberg made several claims about the Holocaust and Judaism that are highly questionable. Much of Klingenberg’s claims are based on a baseless theory that “big Zionist Jews” orchestrated the Holocaust to persecute “little Jews,” and that Nazis were actually trying to save Jewish people locked up in concentration camps.

“Zionist Jews wanted the Holocaust, not the Nazis,” Klingenberg claimed (13:00). “The thing is too and what annoys me, is that we’re doing the Jewish community a favor. We’re doing them a favor by giving them the facts about the Holocaust which they may not want to face. I think there’s profound cognitive dissidence in the Jewish community. But us Holocaust truthers are doing the Jews a favor.”

Earlier in the audio (9:45), Klingenberg also said that “the Jewish religion is an ideology based on victimization,” which is a lethal combination with “the master race ideology.”

Over Hitler’s 12-year reign in Germany, millions of Jews were stripped of rights, forced into concentration camps and killed by overwork or outright murder.

Another fact that Klingenberg contested was the figure of 6 million Jewish death because of the Holocaust. He claims that it is closer to 300,000 deaths that were mostly due to Typhus and a famine in Germany at the time. He also said (16:30) that “there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Jews were gassed in the concentration camps.”

Klingenberg has a website where he showcases books he has written, including “The Big Lie: The Holocaust.” The website also states that Klingenberg’s goal is to “assist individuals to think for themselves, free of external intellectual coercion or self-imposed political correctness.”

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office, Klingenberg filed his candidacy for the 2023 municipal and school district elections on Aug. 14 of this year. He is slated to appear on the ballot for the Roseville School Board election that will be held on November 7th.

Should he be elected, Klingenberg will be one of six members on the school board to oversee education policy decisions for a town of 36,000 people.

Source: https://heartlandsignal.com/2023/09/25/minnesota-school-board-candidate-is-a-staunch-holocaust-denier/