Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic, Anti-Black Fliers Found in Multiple Kentucky Towns

Community members are upset after finding racist flyerThe flyer is headlined “White lives matter,” followed by obscenities aimed at other groups.

The messengers signed the flyer with the acronym WPWW (White Power World Wide) in their neighborhoods. Two Paducah neighborhoods have reported seeing the flyers.

Paducah resident Robert, who did not want to disclose his last name, said he found the flyer in a Ziploc bag in his driveway.

“I don’t support your cause, hands down. I don’t want to be associated with that. Don’t put that on my driveway,” said Robert.

WPSD Local 6 started receiving calls Tuesday from neighbors who found the flyers in Ziploc bags in their driveways, on their cars and around their property.

They are upset. Robert said his neighborhood is full of friendly people, so it is disappointing to see hateful acts like this.

Some of his neighbors also received them.

“They were confused. ‘Are they targeting us? Do they want us? Are they just causing trouble?’” said Robert. “We’re all confused, ‘cause we don’t know. There’s nothing, like some website to go to.” Folks in another neighborhood found flyers as well.

“Grow up. To go meet and talk to people. If you grow up and keep an open mind and talk to people, I think, you know, you might not feel that way,” said Robert of the people who left the flyers. “You just got to expand your horizon.”

Local 6 reached out to the Paducah Police Department to see if this is on their radar and if there could be repercussions for passing the flyers out.

The police chief said he did not want to respond, because they have not received any complaints.

The Law Office of Jeremy Ian Smith said this is not threatening speech, but it is close.

He said there is an issue, though, when it comes to people going onto private properties sharing messages with inflammatory language.