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Swastika Discovered in Louisiana Town

The DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating after reports were made of swastikas drawn on a street and a sign in the area.

“Well, they covered it up, but we still know what it was,” said a woman who saw one of the swastikas that was drawn off Sloan Road. “We saw it when it first was there.”

The woman, who has lived in DeSoto Parish for decades, asked to remain anonymous for her safety.

She said she was shocked when she got word of a swastika drawing near Sloan Road. “I was surprised to see anything like that happening in DeSoto Parish.”

The woman’s daughter was disheartened when her Mom shared the news. “We hear about stuff that has happened that was like this in the past, but to see it and actually see that you know it still exists.”

She said this incident reinforces that racism is present.

“I still have connections in Mansfield, and it makes me wonder how safe were they in the area like this where you know somebody is basically telling you, yeah, there is racism still here.”

The woman also said she thinks this could cause people to copy the same action.

“It might turn into a safety concern knowing that it happened in that area, so they might target that area a little bit more.”

Source: https://www.ksla.com/2023/09/21/desoto-investigating-appearance-swastikas-road-sign-parish/