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Illinois Property Manager Receives Antisemitic Letter from Evicted Tenant

A property manager from Illinois filed a police report this week after received a vitriolic antisemitic message from a former tenant.

“We evicted this woman a year and a half ago, and for some reason she chose to send me this email now,” Linda Kogen — who works at Parkside Estates and Shorewood Towers in the suburban community of Glendale Heights, 25 miles west of Chicago.

The text of the email read:

“Thanks for not writing the referral letter. I didnt expect it. You’re satisfied with your choices though. You’re an evil person & what you intend serves your purpose. How do you stand yourself?

Rosh hashana Jewbitch.”

Rosh Hashanah, the two-day holiday marking the start of the Jewish new year, was celebrated last weekend.

“I did file a police report, because I’m concerned about her,” Kogen said.

“This was not the first time I’ve experienced something like this,” she recalled. “The place where I work, there are not a lot of Jews out here. There are no synagogues around here. And I do wear a diamond Jewish star every day. Because of that, I have had several people make pretty obnoxious comments to me, never in writing before though. But I refuse to take it off.”

“To me, this was an antisemitic rant, and it shows that I’m a Jew and I’m hated for it,” Kogen added.

Source: https://combatantisemitism.org/cam-news/it-shows-that-im-a-jew-and-im-hated-for-it-illinois-property-manager-receives-antisemitic-email-from-former-tenant/