Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Kansas University Student Discovers Antisemitic Vandalism on Campus

While antisemitism continues to rise across the country, Jewish communities at the University of Kansas and around Lawrence are combating that hatred with resilience and service.

A student discovered a graffitied swastika on the sidewalk in the area around 19th Street and Naismith Drive on Aug. 31, and the KU Police Department and KU Hillel were notified of the vandalism.

Bailey Nakelsky, the interim executive director of KU Hillel, subsequently notified the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX through their incident reporting form.

“I was able to file the report on behalf of the student, and then that puts the incident in the hands of the civil rights office, and we actually try to stay out of the investigation so that it stays unbiased,” Nakelsky said. “And the civil rights office responded immediately.”

The office interviewed Nakelsky and the student, then coordinated with KU Facilities Services to remove the graffiti.

“That happened so swiftly, like, nobody could even go back and find it because they cleaned it up so quickly, which means a lot to us,” Nakelsky said. “In a place where that might take a long time to clean up, that leaves the Jewish community feeling vulnerable even longer, but the fact that the university acted immediately was a really nice testament to how seriously they took this.”

KUPD Deputy Chief James Druen said that officers were dispatched to the area and were unable to locate the graffiti, assuming that the drawing had been cleaned up prior to their arrival.

Source: https://www.kansan.com/news/jewish-community-respond-to-antisemitic-graffiti-near-ku-chabad/article_5d1ce82c-5757-11ee-a083-277160e0234e.html