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Ohio Police Arrest Man for Distributing Hate Flyers

The Sandusky Police Department arrested a man Wednesday for passing out flyers that contained anti-Jewish, anti-homosexual and anti-Black messages.

According to an official with the Sandusky Police Department, the department became aware of the flyers after people in the community contacted them saying they or their neighbors might be targets of hate crimes.

The department identified Austin Rogers as a lead suspect. Detectives made contact with Rogers Wednesday and immediately noted flyers in a shoebox that matched the flyers distributed as well as a swastika flag in his apartment and a photo of Adolf Hitler.

Rogers was arrested, booked into the Erie County Jail and charged with ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing and littering.

Source: https://www.13abc.com/2023/09/13/sandusky-police-arrest-man-ethnic-intimidation-aggravated-menacing/