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Maine Man Facing Federal Charges After Threatening to ‘Kill Jews With My AR-15’

A man from the town of Buxton, Maine is now facing federal charges after he threatened to commit an antisemitic mass shooting, the Bangor Daily News reported on Monday.

Brian Dennison, 24, was arrested last Saturday after he tweeted that he intended “to kill Jews with my AR-15” during the High Holidays, along with the claim that he was building a pipe bomb.

The FBI was informed of the threat, which was tweeted on Sept. 8th, the second day of Rosh Hashanah, and immediately dispatched agents to Dennison’s residence.

Dennison, who lives with his parents and several other family members, refused to speak to the agents, but, according to an affidavit, his parents told the agents that “Brian had been obsessed with Jews for about three years, and that he believed Jews were responsible for all of his problems.”

“They said they had many concerning conversations with Brian regarding Jews,” the agents stated.

Dennison’s parents also revealed that their son owned several weapons, including the AR-15 assault rifle mentioned in the Twitter threat.

FBI agents obtained a search warrant based on this evidence that allowed them to search Dennison’s cell phone, after which he was arrested on Sept. 11.

Dennison is facing federal charges of transmitting threatening interstate communication, and if convicted could serve five years in prison and be fined up to $250,000.