Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Chattanooga City Council Candidate Accuses Jews of Slavery in Facebook Live

Election season continues this week, with a run-off election in Chattanooga but one city council candidate’s comments have cost her some support. Activist Marie Mott is accused of making antisemitic comments in a Facebook live video.

In a 2020 Mott can be seen saying that Jews, “participated in the institution of chattel slavery.” Several Chattanooga Jewish leaders say Mott initially defended her remarks, but took down the video after being told the comments were inaccurate and inflammatory.

However, an anonymous account, called Mott Speaks, was created in September, and posted several clips from the 30-minute video. The full video was later posted on the account.

Several leaders in Chattanooga’s Jewish community condemned Mott’s comments. Thirty-two members of Chattanooga’s Jewish community, including three Rabbis, signed and released a letter responding to Mott’s comments.

As members of Chattanooga’s Jewish community, we strongly condemn Marie’s comments and denounce antisemitism in any form. Hate has been prevalent throughout our history. In the past several years we have seen a resurgence of hate-mongering aimed at all minority communities. We must come together to stand up against hate instead of further dividing our communities,” the letter reads.