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Texas Police Officer’s Home Vandalized with ‘Pig’ and Swastika

Police with the Splendora Independent School District are looking for a suspect they said is responsible for spray painting hate speech, including the word “pig,” and a swastika on the home door of one of their own.

Splendora ISD Chief Rex Evans said in a Facebook post that he was frustrated and angry about the events that occurred early Sunday, but that he felt compelled to speak about what happened with Officer Sean Allison, who was the target of the vandalism and graffiti.

“Sean is an outstanding young man,” Evans said in his post. “An above board, decent human being who loves his job. He loves our kids and he would give his life in a moment, if needed, for any child.”

Allison, whose been a police officer for seven months, was the subject a viral video posted by the Splendora ISD police department where he can be seen on a skateboard holding a coffee cup.

On Sunday, police said someone spray painted the word “pig” next to a swastika on the front of his door.

“Obviously, the person or persons responsible for this heinous, cowardly act know nothing about history,” Evans said in his post. “For if they did, the use of such an evil symbol as the Nazi Party insignia to compare towards Sean and our department would never have crossed their mind.”

Evans did not respond to a request for comment but in his Facebook post, he also said police officers should take caution, adding that police in uniform are “absolutely a target.”

“The only word people see on you and the car is ‘Police,'” he said. “And, for that reason alone, they’ll kill you just as fast as they would any other kind of cop around.”

Evans said he was personally offering a “significant reward for the right information, from the right person out there, which leads to the identification, location, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for what has been done to Sean.”

The chief said the reward was not about revenge, but about “reckoning”.

Source: https://www.officer.com/command-hq/news/21096494/texas-police-officers-home-vandalized-with-swastika-pig-graffiti