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Videos Show Neo-Nazis Marching in Florida, Chants of ‘We Are Everywhere’

Neo-Nazis have marched across a Florida town giving fascist salutes and chanting “We are everywhere.”

A series of videos uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, this weekend showed dozens of people dressed as Nazis shouting racist abuse in Altamonte Springs in north Orlando on Saturday, September 2.

A video shared by Florida Rep. Anna V. Eskamani said it was filmed in Cranes Roost Park in the center of the town. Another series of clips uploaded to X by journalist Oliya Scootercaster shows men dressed in red and black giving Nazi salutes on an overpass, although it was not clear if the groups were connected.

The footage also contained several instances of racist speech and harassment toward Jewish people and anti-racists.

In videos uploaded to X, white supremacist and Goyim Defense League (GDL) founder Jon Minadeo II and the leader of neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe, Christopher Pohlhaus, were present. Among the racist stunts carried out by the pair in the past is a recording of Minadeo displaying far-right propaganda at the gates of the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz last year.

In the footage, some members of the group said they supported President Joe Biden over his support for Ukraine and, by extension, the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, while another group was heard saying he supported Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, although he backtracked on the statement later.

Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups have a history of trolling and paradoxically endorsing causes they do not agree with, including politics. Many neo-Nazis and white supremacists reject both the Democrats and Republicans over their support for Israel.

Since the videos were uploaded to X, they have been viewed more than 2 million times combined.

Liora Rez, executive director of StopAntisemitism, told Newsweek: “Members of the GDL are dangerous criminals with records of assault, pedophilia, arson, and domestic abuse.

“The collaboration between the white supremacist groups GDL and Blood Tribe is not surprising: birds of a feather flock together. The joint event created a larger-than-normal crowd meant to be an intimidation tactic.

“These neo-Nazis are cowards who cover their faces while making the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute and StopAntisemitism calls on Governor DeSantis to condemn the gathering so that these hate-mongers know that they are not welcome in Florida.”