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Amazon UK Found Selling T-Shirts with Yellow ‘Juden’ Star


Yet more Holocaust-themed merchandise has been discovered for sale on the online retail giant Amazon.

This time, it was Amazon in Britain (amazon.co.uk) that was forced to remove items that made light of the Holocaust – in this case, T-shirts printed with yellow Stars of David bearing the word “Juden,” the type of badges Jews under Nazi occupation were forced to sew onto their clothing leading up to the Holocaust.

Despite the offense caused, the shirts were actually marketed as “remembrance gifts” and a way to “honor” Holocaust victims.

An Amazon’s guidelines, and that the shirts had been removed from its site.

“The Holocaust was not something to create merchandise for profit, it was the systematic murder of 6 million Jewish men, women, and children,” said Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock.

In February of this year, Amazon.com pulled German children’s books from the 1930s that served as propaganda to disseminate Nazi antisemitism.

Last year, Amazon.co.uk stopped sales of a line of clothing printed with the image of a Holocaust victims kneeling before a Nazi firing squad.