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NH Libertarian Party Causes More Outrage After Drawing Hitler Mustache on Jewish Zelenskyy

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party posted a photo on Twitter of Ukrainian-Jewish President Volodymyr Zelensky with a photoshopped mustache that’s supposed to resemble that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“When you order a Hitler on Wish dot com,” the party’s tweet read.

The watchdog NGO StopAntisemitism criticized the party for their tweet, noting: “The President of Ukraine’s grandfather fought against the Nazis in WW2; to put a Hitler mustache on [Zelensky], a direct Jewish descendant of a man who put his life on the line fighting Hitler, is atrocious!”

The centrist party in New Hampshire also sent out a series of tweets last week that criticized foreign aid to Israel. 

“Regardless of whatever atrocities Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, China or Russia commit, they are not supported by your tax dollars. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and NATO countries are,” the New Hampshire Libertarian Party tweeted. “If you want to stop murder and genocide, start with severing support for those countries.”

A tweet from Saturday said that “Taiwan and Ukraine have become the new Saudi Arabia and Israel.” Another tweet the same day said “MAGA is America fourth on a good day, after Taiwan, Israel and Saudi Arabia,” after comparisons were made between the party and Trump supporters.

Also included was a Twitter poll that offered users to pick which country should stop getting US funding, Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine or Saudi Arabia.

This isn’t the first time the New Hampshire Libertarian Party has sparked controversies for Holocaust references.

On August 25, the party tweeted “6 million dollar minimum wage or you’re antisemitic.” The money refers to the six million Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust. However, the tweet was later deleted following criticism.

The party later said that their tweet “with a Holocaust reference was intended to mock liberals who call people Nazis for not supporting minimum wage, not deny or minimize a tragedy” and also allege that US funding to Ukraine is “funding groups of actual Nazis.”

Other controversial tweets the account posted have said that they’re “extremists, just like the people who wanted to end slavery or allow women to own property.”