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Israeli Man Attacked in Italy, Told “Jews Are Murderers”

Elad Forgesh, a young Israeli who was walking today (Sunday) in the city of Pisa in Italy , was severely attacked in a souvenir shop and suffered trauma to his face. He wandered around the local market in Pisa and found sculptures of the famous Pisa Tower in Italy. He approached the seller, who was interested in the identity of the Israeli. The seller told the meeting that he was an immigrant from Bangladesh and asked the young man where he was from, when he replied “Israel”, the seller started cursing him and insulting Israel.

Elad told of the chain of events: “I was about to buy Pisa statues from a souvenir stand, I started talking to the seller when he packed them for me, he told me he was from Bangladesh, and asked where I was from, and I replied that I was from Israel, and then he told me he hated Israel and the Jews because they murderers.

According to him, after the exchange he decided not to buy from the seller at the stall. “I was not excited about it, I just returned the bag with the sculptures to him and told him I would give up buying from him, and I turned around,” he recalled. But then the seller decided to attack the young Israeli: “He knocked the statues in my head. Luckily there were tourists who photographed him and he fled the scene. Police and an ambulance arrived and evacuated me to the hospital.”

Elad is suffering from a crisis in his eye socket and nose, and he will need surgery after returning to Israel. Pisa police are investigating the incident.